Risograph Riso SF5350 EII A3+PC+Lan 300*600dpi (S-8191E)

Article No. Article Description Description Basic equipment
S-8194E SF 5350 EII, A3, D600dpi, 130ppm. Computer Interface card USB2.0, network card. Risograph SF 5350 EII, A3 print format, perforation density of the master D600dpi, scanner A3 600dpi. Print speed 130 kop/min. Built-in USB2 computer interface, network card. In the package (one box): risograph, unrolled cylinder, without ink, A3 format, Eurostandard power cable (220V-240V), unpacking list, instruction manual.
S-8131E RISO MASTER FII TYPE37 E A3 Master film A3 format type FII 37. For printing standard quality 600dpi. One roll - 220 frames.
S-8130E RISO MASTER FII TYPE77E A3 Master film A3 format type FII 77. For high quality printing 600dpi. One roll - 220 frames.
S-8113E RISO INK FII TYPE BLACK E (1 sales unit = 2 x 1,000 ml) Paint black FII type. One tube - 1000 ml.
S- RISO INK FII TYPE Color.  Colored paint FII type (see the article of the desired color on the "Colored paint" sheet). One tube - 1000 ml.
S-658 Separator tape (1 sales unit = 10 Rolls of 37.50 m each) Tape for job separator Job separator. The package contains 10 rolls of 37.5 m each.
Additional accessories
S-8196EA  RISO FII type Drum A3 Print cylinder FII type Drum A3. Unrolled, no paint. In a case for storage and carrying.
EURFMS-5307 Cabinet with door Cabinet with doors. In the package: cabinet elements, fasteners, assembly instructions.
EURFMS-5308 cabinet without door Cabinet without doors. In the package: cabinet elements, fasteners, assembly instructions.
S-3451 Card feed Kit A set of devices for feeding thick paper and cardboard (100-400 g/m2). Works with loose boards, reduces tearing on the reverse side. Reduces sheet skipping.
S-3452 Envelope Feed kit Envelope feeder. Sheet weight 50 - 120 g/m2.
Dimensions: 75x145 mm - 270x380 mm.
S-3370 Wide stacking tray Wide paper tray up to 340mm x 555mm. SHOW THIS TO YOUR ENGINEER
Requires "Wide Stacking Tray Support; Front (045-22551-xxx)" and "Wide Stacking Tray Support; Rear (045-22552-xxx)".
S-6361 JOB SEPARATOR IV: NIII Divider of runs with the possibility of NON STOP mode. SHOW THIS TO YOUR ENGINEER
Requires "Paper Guide R II ; P.-Rcv-.T. (047-22007-005)" for Non-stop mode.
S-7135 RISO AUTO DOCUMENT FEEDER AF-VII  Two-sided automatic document feeder (ADF).  


Printing/Master Making Method Fully Automatic Screen Printing / High Speed ​​Digital Master Making
Original Type book, sheet
Original size When using a scanner: 50mm x 90mm - 310mm x 432mm
  When using APO AF VII (option): 100mm x 148mm - 310mm x 432mm
Original Density When using a scanner: weight up to 10 kg
  When using APO AF VII (option): 50 g/m2 - 128 g/m2
Scan area (max.) 297mm x 432mm
Print paper size 100mm x 148mm – 310mm x 432mm
Paper tray capacity 1000 sheets
Print paper weight Standard: 46 g/m2 - 210 g/m2
  When using Thick Paper Feeder (optional): 100 g/m2 - 400 g/m2
Image processing modes Text, photo, combined, pencil
Resolution When scanning: 600 x 600 dpi
  Printed: 300 x 600 dpi
  (Quick Master Making 300 x 400 dpi)
Master making time Approximately 20 sec. (for A4, landscape, 100%)
Printing surface 291mm x 413mm
Scaling Increase: 116%, 122%, 141%
  Reduction: 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
  From 50% to 200% in 1% increments
  Field setting: 94%
Print speed 60 - 130 prints per minute (5 levels)
Adjusting the print position Vertical: ±10mm
  Horizontal: ±15mm
Paint supply Fully automatic (1000 ml in one tube)
Submission / change of master Fully automatic (A3: 220 frames per roll)
Boxing capacity of used masters Approximately 100 craftsmen
User interface LCD panel
Power supply 220 - 240V <1.3A>, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) When using: 1415mm x 670mm x 1065mm
  Storage: 780mm x 670mm x 1065mm
Weight 101 kg

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