Risograph Riso SF5050 A4+PC+Lan 300*600dpi (S-7162E)

Article No. Article Description Description Basic equipment
S-7162E SF 5050, A4, D600dpi, 150ppm. Computer Interface card USB2.0, network card.
Under the order, delivery 2 months.
Risograph SF 5050, A4 print format, perforation density of the master D600dpi, scanner A3 600dpi. Print speed 150 kop/min. Built-in USB2 computer interface, network card. In the package (one box): risograph, unrolling cylinder neutral A4 format, power cable Eurostandard (220V-240V), unpacking list, instruction manual.
S-8188E RISO MASTER FII TYPE30E A4 (1 sales unit = 2 Rolls for 295 Master A4 each) Master film A4 format type FII 30. One roll - 295 frames.
S-8113E RISO INK FII TYPE BLACK E (1 sales unit = 2 x 1,000 ml) Paint black FII type. One tube - 1000 ml.
S- RISO INK F TYPE Color.  Paint color F type (see the article of the desired color on the sheet "Colored paint"). One tube - 1000 ml.
S-658 Separator tape (1 sales unit = 10 Rolls of 37.50 m each) Tape for job separator Job separator. The package contains 10 rolls of 37.5 m each.
Additional accessories
S-8091W RISO SF50/30 Drum A4/Letter  Print cylinder SF 50/30 A4. Unrolled, no paint. In a case for storage and carrying.
EURFMS-5307 cabinet with door Cabinet with doors. In the package: cabinet elements, fasteners, assembly instructions.
EURFMS-5308 cabinet without door Cabinet without doors. In the package: cabinet elements, fasteners, assembly instructions.
S-3451 Card feed Kit Thick Paper and Cardboard Feed Kit (100-400 g/m2) Works with loose boards, reduces tearing on the reverse side. Reduces sheet skipping.
S-3452 Envelope Feed kit Envelope feeder. Sheet weight 50 - 120 g/m2.
Dimensions: 75x145 mm - 270x380 mm.
S-3370 Wide stacking tray Wide paper output tray. SHOW THIS TO YOUR ENGINEER
Requires "Wide Stacking Tray Support; Front (045-22551-xxx)" and "Wide Stacking Tray Support; Rear (045-22552-xxx)".
S-6361 JOB SEPARATOR IV: NIII Divider of runs with the possibility of NON STOP mode. SHOW THIS TO YOUR ENGINEER
Requires "Paper Guide R II ; P.-Rcv-.T. (047-22007-005)" for Non-stop mode.
S-7135 RISO AUTO DOCUMENT FEEDER AF-VII  Two-sided automatic document feeder (ADF).  


Printing/Master Making Method Fully Automatic Screen Printing / High Speed ​​Digital Master Making
Original Type book, sheet
Original size When using a scanner: 50mm x 90mm - 310mm x 432mm
  When using APO AF VII (option): 100mm x 148mm - 310mm x 432mm
Original Density When using a scanner: weight up to 10 kg
  When using APO AF VII (option): 50 g/m2 - 128 g/m2
Scan area (max.) 297mm x 432mm
Print paper size 100mm x 148mm – 310mm x 432mm
Paper tray capacity 1000 sheets
Print paper weight Standard: 46 g/m2 - 210 g/m2
  When using Thick Paper Feeder (optional): 100 g/m2 - 400 g/m2
Image processing modes Text, photo, combined, pencil
Resolution When scanning: 600 x 600 dpi
  Printing: 300 x 600 dpi (300 x 400 dpi Quick Master Making)
Master making time Approximately 20 sec. (for A4, landscape, 100%)
Printing surface 210mm x 290mm
Scaling Increase: 116%, 122%, 141%
  Reduction: 94%, 87%, 82%, 71%
  From 50% to 200% in 1% increments
  Field setting: 94%
Print speed 60 - 150 impressions per minute (6 steps)
Adjusting the print position Vertical: ±10mm
  Horizontal: ±15mm
Paint supply Fully automatic (1000 ml in one tube)
Submission / change of master Fully automatic (295 frames per roll)
Boxing capacity of used masters Approximately 100 craftsmen
User interface LCD panel
Power supply 220 - 240V <1.3A>, 50/60Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) When using: 1415mm x 670mm x 1065mm
  Storage: 780mm x 670mm x 1065mm
Weight 101 kg


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