Yellow Cartridge ComColor 3010, ComColor 3050, ComColor 7010, ComColor 7050, ComColor 9050 Yellow ComColor S-6303E (1000 ml)

RISO COMCOLOR ink cartridge  is an oil-based printing ink with high color fastness and accurate color reproduction. 


Special oil-based inks have been developed for ComColor printers , which, unlike traditional inkjet inks, are highly durable, light-fast, provide excellent color reproduction and are very cost-effective. The paint is instantly absorbed, so the prints are not deformed, are moisture resistant and do not burn out in the sun. Linear printing unit with a set of independent nozzles for each of the four colors of the CMYK palette (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, gray (for the GD series)) allows you to print images quickly and in one pass. A specially designed print controller, and the "Multi-drop" system allows you to form points of eight degrees of saturation and guarantees excellent results with clear gradations of halftones.


The ink is instantly fixed on the paper due to absorption, so the prints are not deformed and do not burn out in the sun.


The volume of the tube 1000 ml
Number of pages up to 36,000 (A4, 5% occupancy)
Producer RISO Kagaku Corp. (Japan)
Weight in a tube 1.12 kg
Dimensions in the package (LxWxH) 270 mm x 88 mm x 88 mm
Operating temperature from 0 to 40 ° C
Humidity during operation from 10 to 80%


RISO  uses plant-based inks made from rice bran oil. 

for models
for series ComColor RISO
color YELLOW


RISO  was the world's first to develop and commercialize rice ink oil inks for digital printers.


Warning! Original consumables are manufactured exclusively by RISO Kagaku Corp. It is not allowed to apply the name and / or logo on the packaging and / or on the body by other manufacturers of consumables. The RISO and ComColor trademarks  are internationally registered and protected by intellectual property law. Only original cartridges manufactured by RISO Kagaku Corp. guarantee the warranty on the equipment and ensure long and uninterrupted operation of the equipment. 

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